Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Much Gratitude...

I love making list.... my favorite being of the Top Ten variety.... so I thought I would compile some of the things I am feeling pretty darn thankful for at the moment.

10. That I have yet to be attacked by a skua this season... *knock on wood*.... (Geoff had an epic attack... the wings hit his face) please see picture of said nasty little bird above.
9. That I have finally gotten my ass back into running & working out. Much cheaper than therapy.... and way better for my health.
8. Pandora... We have had out ups and downs.... and sometimes I wonder what you are thinking with your music selections, BUT when you hit it dead on... you really brighten up my day.
7. My friends. In Antarctica. Colorado.... and of course Connecticut.
6. Cheese and crackers. The only McMurdo food that is guaranteed to make my tummy happy.
5. My Red Ants Pants.... they have been my go to work pants this season.... and they kick ass.
checkout their website if you are looking for some durable work pants that fit a woman's body.
4. Less than one month till I am in New Zealand.
3. One month and 1 day till I see my favorite little 4 legged friend. Miss her so much.
2. Thom and Gift... for taking such good care of Kona.... and all the chaos that comes along with it.
1. Geoff.... yeah he sure is a keeper.

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