Friday, January 14, 2011

Geoff's at CTAM

This year Geoff's job really gets him out and about.... (I may be a little bit jealous)..... currently he is at CTAM. Central TransAtlantic Mountains formarly known as Beardmore. I have attached a few pictures of CTAM camp and a cute little sign they made at the camp. CTAM is actually the largest deep field camp out of McMurdo. They maintain an average population of around 70 - 80 people... reaching in the 90's at their highest point.


Samantha said...

glad your back to blogging! what exactly is it that geoff does? he apparently loves the cold, huh?! haha

Geoff and Danielle said...

Hi Sam,
Geoff is a Helo Tech... which basically means.. he is responsible for all of the cargo on the helicopters, which could be passengers as well.

kim kruse - - - the sassy crafter said...

Hi Danielle! Thanks for sharing your blog address with me. It's cool to read another gal's take on Antarctica. If Geoff runs into my friend Nora at CTAM, let me know!