Sunday, May 10, 2009

Geoff at Summit Camp, Greenland

Geoff This building is called the big house. This is where most people spend a lot of their free time. It is also where the kitchen is located and meals are served. The building contains an office, bathroom, washer and dryer, place to watch movies, dining tables, dish room and a walk in cooler.

This is the Greenhouse. My home. The camp staff live here including the camp manager, cook, mechanic, equipment operators, medic, and science techs. There is a small kitchen here, a TV room, washer dryer, shower and bathroom. It is really nice compared to where I could be living if I did not get my new job.

Tent City. This is where I would have been living if I did not get offered a new job as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Most of the construction staff live here.
No they are not heated.

My office.
When I was at Raven Camp I received a message to call Kathy the camp manager at Summit Camp. She offered me a job as a Heavy Equipment Operator. It pays more than my job as a trades helper and I get my own room in the greenhouse instead of a tent. So my days are mostly spent climbing in and out of the Caterpillar 933. My duties include filling the snow melter to provide enough water for camp. At this point about 300 gallons a day but our population is going to almost double to more than 30 next week. That means lots more snow melting for me. I also take care of preparing all of the cargo that needs to leave here. The rest of my day is spent doing whatever tasks need to be completed. I carry a radio and get a call whenever anyone needs a machine to do something.

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