Monday, April 28, 2008


I know... I know. It's about time.

Geoff and I spent 7 weeks traveling Australia... seeing the wildlife, sleeping under the stars and trying to dedicate most of our time away from the cities. Our two main destinations being the Great Barrier Reef and the Red Center and Ayers Rock. We got to see so many cute (Koalas, Kangaroos) and not so cute animals (Crocs, Sharks). We went for a 10 day trip through the desert up to Alice Springs. We went on a live aboard dive ship where Geoff and my girlfriend Ann went diving and I went snorkeling, of course. We even went on a honeymoon to the Whitsunday Islands and relaxed for a few days. It was a beautiful trip and I feel very lucky to be able to travel and see such amazing places.

Here are some pics from the trip:

Us a sunset

Our backpacks and the swags .

The Landcruiser that we drove through the desert in.

Cooling off with beer and flies.

I never new there were camels in Australia...

I will post more pics from our trip soon.