Friday, December 21, 2007

Art Show

While I was back in Connecticut my Antarctic circle of friends and my wonderful husband were really good to me. They knew I would be missing my favorite event and down here.... the Art Show... and they totally kicked butt by selling my jewelry and knitting. Here are some pictures of Lynn, Ann and Geoff setting up. The group picture from left is.... Geoff, Ann (under the bag), Ann, Lynn, Cory & Aeon. Aeon also had some photography at the Art Show. You should check out his website


Yeah... well I have proved to be a slacker in my postings. It was inevitable, I know. This race happened before I left for Connecticut.

Here are some pictures from the Cyclecross race. This is probably Geoff's favorite race of the year. Most people dress up in costume... for Geoff a costume is a must. He was going for an 80's theme, I think.