Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Today Show in McMurdo!!!

This is so exciting! Now I am not one to watch Desperate Housewives, soap operas or The View, but if there is one show I can say I have watched all my life it is the Today Show. Definitely not Good Morning America. So I couldn't be more ecstatic to hear that they were going to be in McMurdo. I was even happier when I found out that it would be Ann Curry coming down south.
We have had other famous people head this way, and get the royal treatment. Eating specially prepared food just for them, living in the distinguished visitor dorms that have down comforters and lots of cushy features, but she is really trying to be one of us. She is even eating in the galley (cafeteria) with us.
I have been speaking about how excited I am for days before she got here. With each coming flights passenger list coming through my hands I have been searching for her name. Finally she arrived yesterday.. I couldn't contain myself. I had to see here. Last night at dinner I was talking with some friends, who have had to listen to me talk about Ann for days, when we first spotted her. She was holding her blue galley tray, scooping out some of the "Ann Curry Salad" the cooks had made and I was beat red with joy. She came poking her head around the corner looking at where she was supposed to sit... so I of course waved her to come sit with us. She came up an introduced herself to us "Hi, I 'm Ann" and shook all of our hands. Her appearance was all that I expected. Natural, fresh and genuine. She looked like she belonged, almost like one of us. She wore black Carhartt bibs, a neck gaiter and thermals.... no eyeliner or lipstick. Very cool by McMurdo standards.
Well I will keep you all posted with my touch with celebrity.

The link below shows her getting her ECW gear and talking about the planned trip. Click on the link, scroll down to "Ends of the Earth" on the right hand side. Look for daily updates at this site as they prepare for the live Today Show broadcast on Monday the 5th.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

ATO Party

At the beginning of every season our department, ATO (Antarctic Terminal Operations) throws a BBQ style party. This year our coworkers went all out making potato salad, lots o' beans and even mojitos. As you can tell from the picture, Geoff really enjoyed the food, Gift too. Gift is a cargohandler in our department and a really good friend of Ann May.

Our boss, Pete played the role of DJ at the party.
I couldn't stop shaking my bootie.... and pulling others onto the dance floor. Geoff was out there too.

In this pic I am surrounded by my lovely friends Ann and Ann. Most of you should remember them from our wedding. My lovely girlfriends!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sunday Morning Gratitude!

Sunday mornings at work tend to be a slow time. Most of the town is in their dorm rooms sleeping in (like Geoff). Our office is open 24/7 for all flight movement, although we maybe have one flight on Sundays. So I sit here in the quiet office, listening to music and enjoying the peacefulness thinking about how lucky I am. Not just about the relaxed day, but all that I have in life.

So here are 10 things I am thankful for today...

1. My thoughtful husband who doesn't let a day go bye without telling me how much I am loved
2. That I am surrounded by friends even in this icy environment
3. My family, who somehow understands my need for travel and adventure
4. Ann May made me coffee, again.... she is so good to me
5. Today is Sunday Brunch. Oh, I hope there is smoked salmon
6. My new cozy pants
7. The Internet!
8. Body lotion & chapstick.
9. My big red parka. It's a cold & windy one today
10. Did I mention Geoff!?!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Big City

In the world of USAP (the United States Antarctic Program) McMurdo is considered a metropolis. We actually have a few stop signs on station..... pretty funny, huh. The speed limit is 15mph, but even that feels fast being that most of the population walks everywhere around town.
In this pic you can see the building I work in. Building 140. It is actually a pretty exciting building in town. When there is mail, the mail room ladies put a happy face flag up outside and as you would guess it instantly puts a happy face on all who receive packages and letter mail. (hint, hint, hint)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back to Bloggin'

OK... in a honest attempt to keep everyone updated and in the loop with what is going on with us I am going to give this a try, again.

We are back in Antarctcia and enjoying the simple things that make this place "home". The big red parkas that fill the hallways, the blue trays that we use in the galley, not having to cook for ourselves, 12 hour workdays and our decked out dorm room.

Here is a picture of the awesome loft that Geoff made for our dorm room. I love our little dorm sweet dorm and all the effort he put into making it a special place for the both of us.