Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On a Boat

A science research vessel... The Nathaniel B Palmer came to town last week. My coworkers and I were lucky to get a tour and learn about the ship and all the science projects happening on board.
Here's a link to what life on the NBP is like....
A few jealous glances were given to the luxurious leather couches in their lounge and the mass amount of condiments in the galley. BUT after hearing about the crazy loud noise that goes on when it is forced to break ice and the rough seas it can encounter... I am pretty sure life aboard the NBP is not made for Danielle.... after all I have been known to get sea sick a time or two in what is thought to be calm waters.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Much Gratitude...

I love making list.... my favorite being of the Top Ten variety.... so I thought I would compile some of the things I am feeling pretty darn thankful for at the moment.

10. That I have yet to be attacked by a skua this season... *knock on wood*.... (Geoff had an epic attack... the wings hit his face) please see picture of said nasty little bird above.
9. That I have finally gotten my ass back into running & working out. Much cheaper than therapy.... and way better for my health.
8. Pandora... We have had out ups and downs.... and sometimes I wonder what you are thinking with your music selections, BUT when you hit it dead on... you really brighten up my day.
7. My friends. In Antarctica. Colorado.... and of course Connecticut.
6. Cheese and crackers. The only McMurdo food that is guaranteed to make my tummy happy.
5. My Red Ants Pants.... they have been my go to work pants this season.... and they kick ass.
checkout their website if you are looking for some durable work pants that fit a woman's body.
4. Less than one month till I am in New Zealand.
3. One month and 1 day till I see my favorite little 4 legged friend. Miss her so much.
2. Thom and Gift... for taking such good care of Kona.... and all the chaos that comes along with it.
1. Geoff.... yeah he sure is a keeper.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Geoff's at CTAM

This year Geoff's job really gets him out and about.... (I may be a little bit jealous)..... currently he is at CTAM. Central TransAtlantic Mountains formarly known as Beardmore. I have attached a few pictures of CTAM camp and a cute little sign they made at the camp. CTAM is actually the largest deep field camp out of McMurdo. They maintain an average population of around 70 - 80 people... reaching in the 90's at their highest point.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011... back to blogging (again)

Yes, it's true. I suck at keeping in touch. Since I don't make New Year's resolutions; I can't make any guarantees that this will last.. . BUT I will try. 2010 proved to be an interesting year for Geoff and I. We are back on the Ice after a summer season off. We miss our Kona.... and instead of traveling after our contracts, we will be heading back to Colorado to go snowboarding and see our four legged little pumpkin.

We had a blast celebrating the New Year... Icestock is crazy music fest that we have here and lucky us they actually chose to celebrate it on New Years Eve. Here is a pic of Geoff and I with our friends Amy & Kim. It was a cold night so we are bundled.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shimmer and Fizz....

After much procrastination. I have finally named my small jewelry business "Shimmer and Fizz".
You can now find me online at http://www.shimmerandfizz.etsy.com/ .

All of my jewels are handcrafted, unique and easy to wear. I use Sterling silver, Thai silver, gemstones, glass and a few other "ingredients". All items are listed with the materials and components that they are made up of, in case of any allergy. I'm working on putting as many pieces as I can online. For now, as I am just getting started, there is only a small selection of what I have.

If anyone has any questions or special requests, please let me know! Please also feel free to pass this along to anyone you may know that might be interested.

Thanks for checking out my little shop.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Geoff at Summit Camp, Greenland

Geoff This building is called the big house. This is where most people spend a lot of their free time. It is also where the kitchen is located and meals are served. The building contains an office, bathroom, washer and dryer, place to watch movies, dining tables, dish room and a walk in cooler.

This is the Greenhouse. My home. The camp staff live here including the camp manager, cook, mechanic, equipment operators, medic, and science techs. There is a small kitchen here, a TV room, washer dryer, shower and bathroom. It is really nice compared to where I could be living if I did not get my new job.

Tent City. This is where I would have been living if I did not get offered a new job as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Most of the construction staff live here.
No they are not heated.

My office.
When I was at Raven Camp I received a message to call Kathy the camp manager at Summit Camp. She offered me a job as a Heavy Equipment Operator. It pays more than my job as a trades helper and I get my own room in the greenhouse instead of a tent. So my days are mostly spent climbing in and out of the Caterpillar 933. My duties include filling the snow melter to provide enough water for camp. At this point about 300 gallons a day but our population is going to almost double to more than 30 next week. That means lots more snow melting for me. I also take care of preparing all of the cargo that needs to leave here. The rest of my day is spent doing whatever tasks need to be completed. I carry a radio and get a call whenever anyone needs a machine to do something.